ePapillon (1000W, 220V-240V)

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With more light output, less energy use, and an unparalleled reflector, the ePapillon professional-grade double-ended grow light system gives indoor growers a huge high-tech advantage. This commercial lighting system has an adjustable ultra high-frequency ballast (600-1150w) with a high-density Vega reflector. It’s the most powerful, sophisticated system in a compact package.

• Easy-to-clean reflector operates at 95% efficiency, offering plants more light
• Includes a 1000w DE lamp, giving this system the highest PAR output per watt.
• More light at a lower cost — an estimated 33% savings over conventional lights!
• Reflector and lamp are simple to replace
• Open design allows heat to escape more easily, keeps plants and equipment cooler
• Warranty: 3-year on fixture; 1-year on bulb

Technical specification sheet (PDF)

Available size: 1000 watt, 220v-240v

Grower’s Tip:
A Gore-Tex ventilation plug within the sealed housing compensates for extreme air pressure fluctuations.

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