Drip Clean

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Administered at every feeding, House & Garden Drip Clean (0-18.7-6.1) helps to remove salt particles and dirt from the root structure, piping and medium of any garden. With NO comparison on the market today, this additive has the lowest possible dilution rates available, giving you more bang for you buck.

Drip Clean’s incomparable formulation works to give your plants a clean slate, assuring plant growth will never be effected or slowed by salt buildup and nutrient lockout. All ingredients and additives are made with pharmaceutical and/ or food grade ingredients in small batches to ensure a consistent quality and experience.

Available in 1-liter bottles.

100% safe to your plants and compatible with all mediums and solutions. Specially designed to be used with tap or filtered water. Apply only 0.4 ml Drip Clean per gallon of feed solution as an additive at every feeding. One liter will last for 2,500 gallons!

Soil Nutrient A & B Feed Chart (PDF)
Cocos-Hydro-Aqua Flakes Feed Chart (PDF)

Ingredients: Phosphoric acid and potassium oxide.

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