Aerator (ICA-36)

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Efficient decomposition can only occur if sufficient oxygen is present. The Yard Butler Compost Turner is an effective way to add oxygen and bring microbes into contact with newly added material. Piles that are not mixed may produce an unpleasant odor that’s symptomatic of anaerobic decomposition. Mixing with an aerator tool‎ keeps it fresh!

• Folding wings harpoon directly into the pile, opening when withdrawn
• Mixes the pile without heavy lifting
• Helps circulate materials, introducing oxygen and promoting faster decomposition
• Extra durable, all steel construction
• Guaranteed forever!
• Made in the USA

Size: 36 in. long


STEP 1: Thrust deep into the center of your pile.

STEP 2: As you pull up on the tool, the folding wings will open and mix the ingredients.

STEP 3: Repeat until thoroughly mixed.