BuffaLoam Plant Food (1-1-1)

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BLOWOUT SALE! Replaces toxic garden chemicals! BuffaLoam Organic Plant Food is a mineral rich and microbial enhancing blend of buffalo compost, Norwegian kelp and mycorrhizae. When used as a root drench, foliar feed or top dressing, this compost tea adds vigor to soil microbe populations. This in turn boosts root uptake and volume as well as leaf mass and eventually harvest. OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

• Improves root health, plant vigor and yield
• A 1-1-1 organic fertilizer PLUS 1% Calcium (Ca) and 0.5% Iron (Fe)
• Includes 4 endo-mycorrhizae species
• Great for both indoor and outdoor use
• Tested under US Composting Council Testing Assurance Program

Size: 1.6 lb Tin

Add 2 Tbsp to one half gallon of distilled, non-chlorinated water. Stir well. Water plants thoroughly. Repeat the application at every watering. You may also sprinkle a 1⁄4″ layer of BuffaLoam around the base of your plants and water it in the soil.