Hyper-Logic 2000

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Here is the industrial grade setup you’ve been waiting for! The HyperLogic Commercial RO System is a reverse osmosis water filtration machine featuring a microprocessor computer controller. It precisely manages and reuses waste water for incredible recovery and purity. A great investment for those growing in areas with water restrictions!

• Capacity of 2,000 gallons per day
• Cleans even very low-quality water
• User-friendly operation and diagnostics
• Membranes allow 99% PPM reduction in impurities
• Low-energy operation for even more savings!
• 4:1 reverse ratio technology for up to 75% water recovery
• Base unit only; expansion to 10,000 GPD available

• Stainless steel membrane pressure vessels
• 5 micron 20″ x 4.5″ cartridge filter & housing sediment pre-filter
• Product, concentrate and recycle flowmeters
• System control, recycle control and pump throttle valves
• Low pressure pump protection switch
• Stainless steel multistage high pressure RO pump with SS pump throttling valve
• Automatic membrane flush
• Powder coated, heavy gauge carbon steel frame

Grower’s Tip:
Excellent for multiple applications, including hydroponics, agriculture, aquarium stores, breweries, labs and ice makers.