Coil (Lead-Free)

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Perfect for patio, porch or driveway! The Original Coil Hose stretches up to 50′ then rebounds back for easy storage. Made of 100% FDA approved polyurethane, it contains NO lead and is drinking water safe. Solid brass hose ends are plated twice with nickel and then chrome to provide an “always new” look and maintain great connections to spigots and watering wands. They just don’t leak! Color: Olive

• 100% lead and phthalate free
• Safe for kids, pets and garden
• 20% more polyurethane retains “coil integrity”
• Drinking water safe
• Ultra light and very portable!
• Made in the USA

Available size: 3/8″ inside diameter x 50′ long

Grower’s Tip:
Are your container grown plants drying out too fast? Try grouping them together so they shade each other. This will reduce water evaporation and decrease the need to water so often.