CMh System (315W)

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We don’t need no stinking reflector! Our discounted ceramic metal halide grow light kit is a favorite with indoor gardeners that want to supplement full spectrum lighting​. Easy to use just drop the bulb down into your plant canopy for AMAZING results!

ONE Phantom II CMh Ballast (11.5L x 6.7W x 3.3H; 8 lbs.)
(Dual voltage 120V/240V with 8 ft. power cord)
ONE Philips CMh Lamp (315W, 3100K)
(33,000 Rated Initial Lumens)
ONE Waterproof Lock & Seal Cord Set (15 ft. length)
(Includes ​a ​PGZ18 5kV socket, 600V lamp cord​​ and BAREM plug)

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