CMh Cordset

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HID technology just got better! The Hydrofarm CMh Cordset is designed for optimal performance and works with all PGZ18 base T9/T12 ceramic halide lamps. Pair with our commercial-duty ballast and use as a primary ​veg ​light ​or with SOG ​applications. Better yet, drop it down into the canopy of your favorite flowering crop​ to supplement full spectrum lighting​.

• Easy to install
• Ideal for inter-canopy lighting
• Works with most ceramic metal halide lamps
• Waterproof Lock & Seal plug system
• Size: 15 ft.

Includes ​a ​PGZ18 5kV socket, 600V lamp cord​,​ and BAREM plug.

Grower’s Tip:
Ceramic metal halide lights are winning over commercial growers because of their high-quality spectrum and energy-efficient design.