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Guaranteed 5 years – 50,000 flushes! The ChemFree Toilet Bowl Cleaner repels stains and inhibit bacterial growth. Contains “hydro-mineral magnets” that affect mineral particles in the water and prevents them from forming stains and hard to remove rings around the toilet. This product is NOT registered for sale in the state of California.

Just drop in tank!
Clean the inside of your toilet tank thoroughly before using. Just drop your new ChemFree cartridge into your toilet tank and prevent mineral buildup and stains. Be sure to position the cartridge in one of the corners of the tank, away from the toilet drain pipe and parts.

No more scrubbing
Once installed in your toilet, water continuously passes through, over and around the ChemFree cartridge. Mineral particles in the water interface and are affected by the mineral magnets in a way that prevent the mineral particles from forming stain and hard to remove rings around the toilet.

Chemical free
Eliminates the need for chemicals! Adds nothing and takes nothing from the water. Safe for your children, pets and the environment. Maintenance free operation.

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