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A fantastic plant growth medium! CANNA Coco is a 100% organic substrate manufactured from coconuts harvested in India. During the production process, the quality is constantly monitored, offering you a high-quality product with a fine, uniform structure.

The coconut grind contains a complex water to air mixture (73% water and 23% air), which provides ideal circumstances for almost every growing method. Furthermore, it contains a special fungus (Trichoderma), which protects the plants from ground diseases. The media is reusable and can be added to gardens as a soil conditioner when discarded.

Note: CANNA is NOT steamed. Fresh water is used to soak the coir according to a special procedure, which ensures a clean product free from salts, viruses, chemical additives and soil-borne diseases.

Available size: 50-Liter Bag

Use with the appropriate fertilizer and you know you are investing in quality and certainty!

Manually – Water plants daily with the appropriate nutrient. If you are NOT able to provide water daily, then use a bigger pot.

Automatically – After plants are well established, water 1-3 times per day, depending on water use.

Grower’s Tip:
Using a bigger pot provides plants with a more stable root environment. Consider using a thin layer of clay pebbles (Hydroton®) at the bottom of your pots to improve drainage.