Humidipak (4 gm)

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Finish drying your herbs in a consistent, stable environment. These Boveda Packs (62% RH) have perfected — and patented — a 2-way humidity control that requires no extra equipment or monitoring. Simply drop these packets into your storage containers and exchange them for fresh ones when they become stiff or inflexible.

• Simple, long-lasting humidity control
• Maintain a precise relative humidity in an enclosed space
• Typically last 2-4 months, depending on conditions
• No activation needed
• Perfectly manages final curing after main curing is complete
•Sold in 10pk or 600pk (bulk) quantities — select from drop down menu

4 gram (2″ x 2″) — perfect for smaller enclosed spaces, like pill bottles and baggies. Ships in a resealable plastic storage bag to preserve shelf life.

Tip: These packs (formerly Humidipak®) maintain an RH of 62%, so they cannot “over-dry” your produce. Use the largest amount that will fit in your containers.