Dried Blood (13-0-0)

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A powerful, natural source of nitrogen! Blood Meal (13-0-0) has been used for years by organic gardeners as a slow release source of nitrogen, plus trace minerals. Promotes a dark, green color and rapid growth in most plants. Great for heavy feeders, like spinach, corn and salad greens.

• A powerful source of organic nitrogen (13%)
• Slow release — feeds plants over a period of time
• Promotes healthy, dark green vegetative growth
• Derived from dried blood
• Used to repel deer and rabbits too!

Available size: 40 lb Bag

Broadcast 10-30 lbs Blood Meal per 1,000 square feet before planting, or topdress later in the season. May also be used in gardens to repel deer, or used as a compost starter to heat up cool piles.

CAUTION: Do NOT feed to cattle or other ruminants.