BioThrive Bloom (2-4-4)


Vegan Plant Food. General Organics BioThrive Bloom offers flowering and fruiting plants essential nutrients for superior blooms and bountiful harvests. This pure and natural vegan formulation, conceived from plant and mineral extracts, encourages beneficial microbial activity in the root zone. Benefits all kinds of plants during flowering and fruiting phases of growth and can be used with garden soils as well as potting mixes.

Available in quart, gallon, 2.5 gallon and 6 gallon sizes.


Light Feeding: Add 2 tsp per gallon of water with every watering.

Heavy Feeding: Add 4 tsp per gallon of water with every watering.

Ingredients: Alfalfa meal, cane sugar, copper sulphate, glacial rock powder, iron sulphate, kieserite, manganese sulphate, molasses, plant extracts, potassium sulphate, rock phosphate, sodium borate, sodium molybdenate, soybean meal and zinc phosphate.

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients:
2% seaweed derived from Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria digitata and 0.2% humic acids derived from leonardite.

Soil/ Soilless Feeding Schedule (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
This product works best with soils that contain calcium. When using depleted soil, coir, perlite, rockwool or any sterile media, for best results, we recommend that you supplement with General Organics CaMg+.