Bio Grow


Your crops will be sweeter than sweet with Biobizz Bio-Grow (3-0-8) fertilizer. This 100% organic liquid plant food includes sugar beet extract and potassium to produce prize-winning harvests. Beneficial soil microbes love it too!

• Suitable for use with ALL soils and substrate mixtures
• Approved for “Clean Green” cultivation
• Includes plant vitamins B1, B2, C and E
• A rich food source for beneficial soil microbes
• Encourages strong branching and a large, healthy root system

Available in 1-liter (shown) and 5-liter sizes.

Feeding Schedule (PDF)

Mix 2 mL per liter of water and use immediately after the first leaves appear. Continue feeding (4 mL/ liter of water) until the end of fruit production.

Grower’s Tip:
To check if your plant is thirsty; put your finger in the soil, if it sticks to your finger, you don’t have to water.