Promote (4-0-1)

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BLOWOUT SALE! A proprietary blend of trace mineral, humates, seaweed extract and wetting agents, Age Old Promote breaks the chemical bonding of minerals in the soil. As these elements become free, the naturally occurring nutrients become available to the plant and the live microorganisms in the soil. As biological activity in the soil increases, the texture changes and the ability to store and exchange nutrients increases.

Available in quart sizes.

• Increased efficiency of fertility
• Increased soil biological activity
• Improved stress tolerance
• Improved seed germination
• Increased root mass and depth
• Uniform root zone moisture management

Product Brochure (PDF)
Feeding Chart (PDF)

Mix 4 tsp per quart of water for seedlings and transplants, or 4-6 oz per gallon of water applied over 1,000 sq ft.