4 HID Lighting Controller

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Operate up to FOUR ballasts from ONE device with the Autopilot 4 Light Controller. Each of the outlets in these timer boxes are wired directly to 120/240V power, and controlled by one 120V trigger cable.

• Four 120/240v outlets for running ballasts — no need to change out power cords!
• Maximum wattage: 4000W (1000W/ outlet)
• Temperature operating range: 32-110 degrees F
• Humidity operating range: 0-99% RH (non condensing)
• 100,000 @ full load minimum relay operation

Size: 8″ x 7″ x 4″

Instruction Manual (PDF)

All boxes are rated for 30 amps @ 120/240V and feature industrial grade relays, a durable chassis, and a 3 year warranty.