Jungle Juice Grow (2-Part)


BLOWOUT SALE! In the process of perfecting plant performance, Advanced Nutrients is bringing a smarter system to the table. Their 2-part Jungle Juice Grow formula allows infinitely better absorption of  good ole’ NPK as well as additional minerals that give plants a significant advantage. Part A and Part B are fed simultaneously during vegetative growth using any grow medium or delivery system.

• Superior nutrition, simple application!
• Part A, 4-0-0 NPK; Part B, 2-2-6
• Promotes ideal root development and internode spacing
• Effective and affordable
• Results verified by independent labs and scientific journals
• Will not throw off existing pH

Available in 1-, 4-, 10- and 23-liter sizes

Feed Chart (PDF)

Use 1 ml each of Part A and B per liter of water for seedlings and 2 ml each of A and B per liter of water for vegetative growth.

Grower’s Tip:
For optimal nutrient uptake, add Part A and Part B to water separately. Do not combine concentrates before adding to water.