Lumatek (120/240V Dimmable)

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More light equals more yield! The Lumatek Ballast produces up to 30% more light output (lumens) than standard core and coil (magnetic) ballasts while drawing less electricity. Test data has shown that a Lumatek 600w produces only 5% less usable light than a 1000 watt “core and coil” ballast

Digitals do NOT degrade and will maintain their efficiency throughout their entire life. Over time magnetics become louder, produce less light, emit more heat and use more electricity.

• Dimmable with SUPER LUMENS SWITCH!
• Dual voltage – 120/ 240 volt
• No moving parts – produces less heat
• Soft start technology – lamps last three times as long
• Fast start up – reaches full brightness in under a minute
• Fully interchangeable – ignites both HPS and MH bulbs
• Best warranty – 5 years! (3 year exchange, 2 year prorated)

Comes standard with a 120v power cord. Purchase a 240v power cord (sold separately) if using a 240 volt power supply.

Requires Plug Adapter BAASP (sold separately) to work with ALL Hydrofarm reflectors/ cord sets.