Soil Soaker

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Soil Soaker Hose 1

Made of 55% recycled rubber! The Apex Soil Soaker hose offers deep, even watering throughout its entire length. Conserves water by minimizing run-off and evaporation and will deliver even greater water savings when covered with a moisture-retaining mulch.

Unique Features:
• Made of 55% recycled rubber
• Uses up to 70% less water than standard hoses
• Solid brass couplings provide a no-leak connection
• Perfect for use above or below ground!
• 7-Year Guarantee
• Made in the USA

Available size: 50′ length (1/2″ diameter)


Step 1: For easier handling, uncoil your new hose and allow it to sit in the sun for 10 minutes.

Step 2: Before using, place the included washer firmly inside the coupling.

Step 3: Adjust water flow to a slow drip (best performance occurs when used at low pressure).

Step 4: Place soaker hose above ground or below ground covering with mulch.