Compost Turner

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Compost Turner

Aeration is essential to the process of decomposition and brings about faster compost. The Yard Butler Compost Turner makes the job quick and easy. Simply thrust the cutting end into the heap. As the tool is withdrawn the hinged paddles open out, aerating and mixing the pile. Made in the USA. As seen on The Oprah Show, April 22, 2008.

Unique Features:
• Folding wings cut into the middle of the pile, opening when withdrawn
• Easy to use — Mixes compost with NO heavy lifting
• Promotes fast decomposition by introducing oxygen inside the pile
• All steel construction

Size: 36″ long


STEP 1: Thrust into the center of your compost pile.

STEP 2: As you pull up on the aerator/ mixer, the folding wings will open and turn the compost.

STEP 3: Repeat until thoroughly mixed.