Zero Tolerance Fungicide


Just say NO to plant pests! Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance Fungicide kills existing plant diseases fast and prevents new fungal problems from starting. Use it without worry — contains ONLY 100% pure food grade ingredients — NO toxic chemicals!

A powerful pest control tool for indoor and outdoor gardeners, Zero Tolerance works to eliminate powdery mildew, gray and white mold, black spot and most other fungal plant problems. Ideal for use on fruits and vegetables and can be applied up to 5 days before harvest.

• Kills disease fungus and many other plant pests
• Made from the oils of cinnamon, clove, thyme & wintergreen
• Pleasant smell — NO chemy odors!
• Environmentally friendly — will NOT harm people or pets!
• Available in TWO convenient sizes

Mix in a spray bottle and apply in the early evening. Spray leaves and infected areas including plant crevices. Use at first sign of infection, then every 3-7 days. Reapply after rain or watering foliage or flowers. ZT is most effective at full strength; avoid over-diluting.