Water Chillers


Keep your reservoir at the perfect temperature! The Active Aqua Water Chiller offers huge refrigeration capacity and will cool large reservoirs as low as 39°F in minutes.

• FREON-FREE and eco-friendly
• Surge protected — turns off if there is a power surge
• User friendly microcomputer control system
• Easy to read LCD display
• Built-in temperature memory system

1/10 HP, 13-105 Gallons – Instruction Manual (PDF)
1/4 HP, 26-210 Gallons – Instruction Manual (PDF)
1/2 HP, 53-317 Gallons – Instruction Manual (PDF)
1 HP, 80-700 Gallons – Instruction Manual (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
Hydroponic nutrient solutions are best maintained between 65 and 70°F. If operating multiple lights and large pumps it is best to size up for maximum effectiveness.