VermiAll (6-6-6)

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If you want high-quality, no-fuss plant nutrition, step right up to Vermicrop VermiAll Broad Spectrum Fertilizer. Powerful, balanced natural ingredients include crustacean meal, fishbone meal, bat guano, alfalfa and more. The dry formula won’t drip or spill, and is extremely easy to measure.

• 6-6-6 NPK ratio
• Water soluble additives for maximum uptake
• Entire container takes care of 42 sq. ft or 700 gallons of soil
• Safe and suitable for any plant: vegetables, flowers, trees and more!
• 6% calcium
• Use at any stage of plant growth: vegetative, blooming, etc.

Available in 4-lb carton.

Grower’s Tip:
Recommended application is to top-dress plants every other week and water in very well.