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With the Botanicare TurboGarden you’ll experience rapid growth rates and higher yields all from an automated hydroponic system. Includes a large 25-gallon reservoir to deliver optimal levels of water, nutrients and oxygen to your favorite plants.

• Reservoir and top tray
• Plumbing and fittings
• Starter cubes and growing media
• Energy efficient pump
• Timer (excluding Aero)
• Containers/ Pots
• pH test kit & buffers
• Hydroponic nutrients

Size: 23.0 x 21.0 x 37.5 tall

Select your preferred hydro-gardening method:

EBB & FLOW (shown)
Flood and drain is the easiest and most popular method to feed your plants. Plants are grown in 5 inch white square pots. The top tray is periodically flooded with a nutrient solution until the timer automatically turns the pump off and the solution drains back to the reservoir. An optional tray lid is available to utilize the round net pots for a continuous feed deep flow method.

The drip method is for more precise waterings and a more consistent level of oxygen to the root zone. This is great for gardens growing with rockwool.

Internal microjets spray the roots with a high pressure mist allowing for aggressive growth rates due to the high levels of oxygen to the root zone. Roots grow out of the net pots and are suspended in air allowing gardeners to inspect the overall health of the entire plant.