Tomato Maker (4-2-6)

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BLOWOUT SALE! Organic Laboratories Tomato Maker is a unique fertilizer containing natural sources of major nutrients combined with calcium, magnesium and iron. This powerful blend provides a comprehensive specialty fertilizer for prize-winning tomatoes. May be used on most other fruits and vegetables too!

• Natural base fertilizer
• Corrects nutritional deficiencies responsible for Blossom End Rot
• Contains natural sources of nutrients for firm, tasty tomatoes
• Supplemented with iron, magnesium and calcium
• Can be used on ALL vegetables

Available size: 3 lb Bag

Each bag will treat approximately 6 tomato plants. Apply as a top dressing near the base of the stem.

Ingredients: Blood meal, fish meal, cottonseed meal, ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, iron sulfate, gypsum and magnesium sulfate.

Grower’s Tip:
Blossom end rot appears as a round, brown shrunken area on the end of the tomato fruit, opposite the stem. As fruit ripens, the area turns dry and leathery. This disorder often appears after a period of heavy rain.

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