Super Charger

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Take your plants to a new level of growth and vitality! American Hydroponics SuperCharger contains a powerful blend of vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and trace minerals. Provides your plants with the “missing link” not found in standard vegetative and bloom formulas.

Available size: 12 Capsules

Use through all stages of growth — from media soak to harvest.

Hydroponics: Use 1 capsule in 30 gallons, every 10-14 days
Soil: Add 1 capsule in 5 gallons of water, every 10-14 days
Foliar: Mix 1 capsule in 1 gallon of water, every 10-14 days

Grower’s Tip:
While a plant will grow with basic levels of N-P-K, it will not achieve its full potential unless you can provide more. This concentrated nutrient additive will fill in the gaps.