Long Island Cheese (Organic)

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Looks like an artisan cheese wheel, but is one of our favorite pie varieties! With the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata), you’ll have beautifully colored 6- to 10-pound fruits that are sweet and meaty with deep orange flesh, that’s scrumptious in pies. It’s been around since 1807, prized for its taste and excellent keeping qualities. 90-100 days to maturity; CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Learn How to Grow Pumpkins here.

Each packet contains approximately 25 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
These warm season annual plants require full sun, ample water and plenty of room to grow. Start seedlings indoors and transplant outside when the soil is warm enough in spring. Space 5-8 feet apart in all directions – vines can wander up to 15 feet. Continue to provide plenty of water during the growing season.

Crops are ready to harvest when they have a deep solid color and the vines die back and turn brown. Cut fruit from the vines using a sharp knife; do NOT pull.