Sphagnum Moss

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Harvested from sustainable bogs in New Zealand, Besgrow Sphagnum Moss is of top quality for orchids. Ideal for both commercial and hobby growers, it is renowned for its low pH (4.8), robust petals and large, feathery strands; long lasting with an excellent water holding capacity. Use to line hanging baskets too!

• Feathery, long strands provide unmatched capillary action
• Highly adaptable orchid medium for phalaenopsis and other epiphytes
• Excellent for revitalizing plants with roots lost to rot
• Robust structure lasts a long time in the pot (4 to 5 years)
• Naturally low in soluble salts and will NOT absorb fertilizer salts

Available size: 12 Liter Bag

Grower’s Tip:
To re-hydrate, soak in warm water. The compressed block will increase in size (package expands to 3.17 US gallons). Gently squeeze out excess water prior to use.

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