Snow Storm Ultra

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If you like Purple Maxx you’re gonna’ love Humboldt County’s Own Snow Storm Ultra (0-0-3). Contains potassium to increase essential oil production in plants and can be used with your favorite nutrient line. Does NOT contain molasses or carbohydrates.

Available Size: 8oz Bottles

It’s important not to over fertilize. It’s never necessary to run nutrient concentration above 1000 ppm.

Soil: Typically use 5 ml (1 tsp.) per gallon of water and apply every watering or every other watering. First dose is usually applied when lights are cut back. During peak flower development dosage can be slowly increased. Continue to apply right up to harvest. If applying with Gravity or Bushmaster use only plain water — no fertilizer.

Hydroponics: Use 2 ml per gallon and run continuously. Be cautious if running nutrients over 800 ppm. For example, running 5 ml/ gallon at 1200 ppm will drop reservoir to 800 ppm in 24 hours. Some plants can take it, some cannot.

Foliar: Much more economical. Use 2-5 ml/ gallon and apply once a week. Use caution once flowers bulk up.

CAUTION: Running an aerator in the reservoir will promote bacterial growth and gunk. Some growers claim the problem can be cleared up by adding 1 tsp. of 35% hydrogen peroxide per 20 gallon of reservoir water.

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