Smart Pots

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The best growing container anywhere! Patented Smart Pots are a truly innovative, inexpensive and practically foolproof way to grow potted plants. It is a NEW and AMAZING approach to container gardening.

Better than black plastic planters, these soft-sided fabric containers prevent roots from circling and release heat so they’re much cooler — plants develop a better root structure. Better roots = better plants!

• Releases heat — roots stay cooler during hot weather
• Plants need repotting less often
• Air-prunes the plant’s root structure — stops root circling!
• Reusable & folds flat for easy storage
• Non-breakable – fabric does NOT crack from frost or if dropped

1 Gallon – 7″ base x 6″ tall
2 Gallon – 8″ base x 7″ tall
3 Gallon – 10″ base x 7.5″ tall
5 Gallon – 12″ base x 9.5″ tall
7 Gallon – 14″ base x 9.5″ tall
10 Gallon – 16″ base x 11.5″ tall
15 Gallon – 18″ base x 13.5″ tall
30 Gallon – 24″ base x 15.5″ tall

Grower’s Tip:
Select a Smart Pot size that you feel comfortable moving. A 10-gallon container filled with potting soil (1.45 cu ft) can weigh 40-50 lbs, depending on the water content and soil mix.

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