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Foxfarm Salamander Soil is an ideal water holding potting mix for rooted cuttings and young plants grown indoors or out. Contains up to 70% coconut coir for exceptional water retention, yet maintains the perfect amount of drainage and aeration at the root level. Great for hanging baskets and potted plants in hot weather climates.

• Ready to use right out of the bag — pH adjusted!
• Super water holding properties
• Contains 60 to 70% coco content, plus beneficial microbes
• Reduces plant stress by maintaining ideal moisture levels
• Does NOT contain synthetic polymer crystals

Available size: 1.5 cu ft Bag

Grower’s Tip:
When transplanting young seedlings use a gentle hand to prevent damage to tender roots and stems. Fill containers to an inch below the rim to make them easier to water and give them a good drink immediately when finished. Tah-dah!