Root Juice


Grow with confidence! Biobizz Root-Juice (0.1-0.1-0.1) is a powerful blend of two natural ingredients: humic acid and seaweed. Use to promote large, healthy root systems and enhance the biological life that supports them. Bigger roots = explosive yields!

• Encourages vigorous root development
• Made entirely from vegetable ingredients
• Approved for “Clean Green” cultivation
• Prepares the plant to absorb nutrients more quickly
• Helps reduce transplant shock

Available in 1-liter (shown) and 5-liter sizes.

Feeding Schedule (PDF)

Suitable for ALL soil, peat and coco mixes. Mix 1-4 mL per liter of water during the first stages of plant growth.

Grower’s Tip:
If you’re growing indoors for the first time, learn to understand the plants and keep it simple. When in doubt, go easy!