Rocket Weeder

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As seen on The Today Show, April 14, 2008. The gripping action of the Yard Butler Rocket Weeder pulls out even the biggest, toughest weeds, root and all without damaging the surrounding lawn. Features an ergonomic handle and easy ejector — keeps your hands clean. Weeding has never been easier or more satisfying.

• Great for eliminating the biggest, toughest weeds
• Rocking action grabs the weed and gets the whole root
• Eliminates weeds without chemicals
• Easy ejector handle pops the weed off the tool
• Provides maximum pulling action and is easy on your back
• Guaranteed forever!

Size: 37″ x 5″ x 10″


STEP 1: With the foot pedal pointing toward you, position the bottom forks directly over the center of the weed.

STEP 2: Step down on the foot pedal to drive the forks into the ground around the weed.

STEP 3: Keeping the pedal on the ground, rotate the handle back towards you. The forks will pinch the weed at the root level and gently remove the weed, roots and all.

STEP 4: Press the ejector handle to sweep the weed off the forks.