Silica (Strength)


When you’re concerned about sturdy plants as much as the color of their leaves, this is one additive you’ll want around. RAW Silica is a beneficial element that can strengthen cell walls, reduce plant stress, and help fend off mildew, pests and other diseases. And this formula makes it simple to use!

• Use at any growth stage for excellent stem production and cell wall development
• Suspends in water without clouding
• pH neutral
• Highly concentrated
• Add into any feeding schedule or plan

Available in 2-oz (makes 200 gallons) and 8-oz sizes.

Recipe Book (PDF)
Feeding Schedule (PDF)

Add 1/8 to 1/4 tsp per gallon in reservoir for irrigation. Apply as needed.

Grower’s Tip:
This product does not benefit dicot plants. When using, make sure it is in dilute form, especially when working with concentrated nutritionals, or it can create a thick, insoluble substance.