Nitrogen (Growth)


It’s easy to forget that not all nutrients are created equal. RAW Nitrogen (20-0-0) chemists understand, and have created a formulation that offers the perfect balance of nitrate-N and ammonium-N, so your plants don’t expend excess energy to uptake N that they can’t utilize. This formula is free of nitrates or urea, which means you can apply it at any stage of plant development.

• 100% soluble — no waste!
• Highest percentage of active ingredients available
• Mix and match with other RAW=soluble products to address specific deficiencies
• Ultra concentrated formula costs less
• Can be added to already-established nutritional protocols

Available in 2-oz (makes 200 gallons) and 8-oz sizes.

Recipe Book (PDF)
Feeding Schedule (PDF)

Add 1/16 to 1/8 tsp per gallon in reservoir for irrigation. Apply as needed.

Grower’s Tip:
A plant uses more than 30% of its energy to uptake nitrates, creating a problem when too much energy is invested in top growth over root growth. Make sure your formula is well balanced.