Rapid Rooter

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Germinate seeds or start plant cuttings — fast! General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter contains a superior matrix of composted organic material bound together by plant-derived polymers. Ideal for ALL soil and hydroponics applications.

• Designed for rooting cuttings and starting seeds
• Excellent air-to-water ratio for robust growth
• Encourages faster germination and transplant success
• Helps plants resist disease while maximizing nutrient uptake
• Easy to use plant starters are chock-full beneficial microbes

Available size: 50-Pack Tray

Just place seeds or cuttings into the small hole located on the top of each planting site. It’s that easy!

Grower’s Tip:
Every plant species requires a different temperature for germination. Using a seedling heat mat to maintain optimal temperatures will improve success rates.

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