Rainbow Mix Pro Bloom


A finely-tuned organic fertilizer that’s easy to use! Earth Juice Rainbow Mix Pro Bloom (2-14-2) is formulated to encourage a profusion of flowers and abundant yields of fruits and vegetables. Apply to ALL plants prior to and during budding, flowering and fruiting.

• Promotes essential oils, resins and fragrance of herbs and flowers
• Made for indoor and outdoor gardens
• Includes mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial microbes and humic acids
• A flowering plant food and super bud booster
• All-natural ingredients

Available in 2 lb and 20 lb bags.


Container Plants: Add 1-4 heaping Tbsp per gallon of soil and mix in thoroughly.

Gardens: Use 1-2 cups Rainbow Mix per 25 square feet every 12 weeks throughout the growing season.

Roses and Flowering Shrubs: Apply 1 cup per plant every 2-3 months as needed.

Bulbs: Prior to planting, mix 1 Tbsp per hole or work in 1-2 lbs per 20 square feet.

Grower’s Tip:
This high end plant food includes additional microorganisms that weren’t available back in 1989 when the original formula was developed. It also has more natural amendments added to increase NPK. Essentially it works the same way, just a little faster and is more active.

Ingredients: Fossilized seabird guano, steamed bone meal, bat guano, feather meal, potassium sulfate, cottonseed meal, langbeinite, greensand and sea kelp meal.