PowerVEG, Full Spectrum + UV

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This powerful, high output (HO) grow lamp produces stronger, healthier plants! The NEW Hortilux PowerVEG T5 Bulb is the best in its delivery of a full, broad spectrum plus UV light. Can be used in any existing T5 54W HO lighting fixture.

• Stimulates exceptional photosynthesis for amazing plant growth
• Maximizes root development
• Bio-similar spectrum allows for easy transitioning to outdoors
• UVA = 315nm – 400nm, UVB = 280nm – 315nm
• Made in the USA

Available in 4 ft. lengths (sold individually).

Grower’s Tip:
If you usually run 24 hours ON with standard T-5s, reduce the cycle to 19 hours when using 100% Power VEG. Optimal height above plant canopy is 12 inches.