Pest Pistol

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The Pest Pistol Mini Duster is well-suited for applying insecticidal powders such as diatomaceous earth and boric acid. Includes a pointed applicator tip to reach cracks, crevices and other insect hiding places.

• Built to last — virtually unbreakable!
• Secure top prevents leaks for safe application
• Easy to use — one-hand operation
• Saves money — provides better coverage of insecticidal dusts
• Up to 1/2 pound capacity

Instruction Manual (PDF)


Step 1: Invert duster for light crack and crevice applications.

Step 2: Hold upright for wide dispersion in wall and ceiling voids.

Step 3: Properly label duster for safety.

Step 4: If powder clogs duster, sharply tap base of duster opposite nozzle on hard surface.