Peruvian Seabird (12-11-2)

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High Nitrogen. High Phosphorus. With absolutely no chemical additives, Sunleaves Peruvian Seabird Guano offers the highest quality in organic fertilization and is perfect for organic gardening. Easy to use, it’s pelletized for water solubility with less mess. There is nothing like it! Use indoors and out on houseplants, vegetables, ornamentals and fruit trees.

Available in 3 lb pails.


Indoors: Mix 1-3 Tbsp per gallon of water and apply directly around the base of plants during the vegetative cycle of growth. Repeat every 4-weeks.

Outdoors: Mix 2-3 Tbsp per gallon of water and apply directly to the soil, or use as a top-dressing to be mixed into the soil during the growth phase of plant life. Repeat every 2-weeks.

Lawns & Large Gardens: Broadcast or spread at the rate of 25 pounds per 1000 square feet of area for lush, green growth.