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Award winning results for everything you grow! Dyna-Gro Orchid Pro Plant Food (7-8-6) provides the right balance of nutrients for healthy growth and flowering. It is a professional formulation containing essential macro and micro elements for all types of orchids.

• Urea free formula
• Contains essential trace elements
• Promotes healthy vibrant growth and blooms

Available size: 8 oz Bottle

Mix 1/2 tsp per gallon of water every time you water.

Ingredients: Ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate, potassium nitrate, ammonium phosphate, potassium phosphate, cobaltous sulfate, magnesium sulfate, boric acid, molybdic acid, potassium chloride, manganese, iron, copper and zinc disodium ethylenediamine tetra acetate (EDTA).

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