Slatted Wood (4-12 in.)


Our hand-crafted orchid baskets are made with high quality wood and include four metal eyelets for attaching your own wire hanger (optional). In humid conditions, orchids will weave their bare roots through the wooden slats where they drape down in a beautiful display. In dry climates, many growers will line the container with moss, coco husk or hardwood bark to hold the media and retain moisture.

• Available in multiple sizes — both octagonal and square
• Hang sideways for phalaenopsis, doritis and other species susceptible to crown rot
• Constructed from high quality wood and galvanized metal
• Use as a stand alone pot or hang from the ceiling
• Sturdy enough to support top-heavy plants with large blossoms

Sizes (outside dimension):
4-Inch Square SOLD OUT
6-Inch Square SOLD OUT
8-Inch Square SOLD OUT
10-Inch Square SOLD OUT
12-Inch Square SOLD OUT
6-Inch Octagonal SOLD OUT
8-Inch Octagonal SOLD OUT

Note: Inside dimension is 1.5 in. smaller than outside dimension.