Bark (Medium)

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Graded and sized for uniformity. Black Gold Orchid Bark is suitable for indoor and outdoor containers and can be used as a decorative top dressing for houseplants. Made from 100% fir bark, it’s ideal for Dendrobium and Odontoglossum types. Can also be used as a mulch in outdoor beds and borders.

• An exceptional potting media
• Made of 100% processed softwood bark (fir)
• Ideal for terrariums too!
• Use as a decorative top-dressing for indoor container plants
• Product of U.S.A.

Available size: 8 Quart Bag

Grower’s Tip:
Repot your favorite tropical plants every 1 to 2 years or before the potting mix begins to break down. Older mixes become compact and retain too much moisture, which contributes to the onset of root rot.