Nitro Big (3-0-1)


Promotes Green Vegetative Growth. Dr. Earth Nitro Big is a natural and organic, high nitrogen fertilizer designed to promote robust vegetative growth. Perfect for all types of gardens, both annual and perennial and includes prebiotics (simple sugars) to feed important soil microbes.

• Formulated to work fast anytime of the year
• Contains the highest quality natural ingredients
• Ideal for use indoors or out
• Includes Prebiotics and ProMoisture Hydrate to promote healthy soil life
• Concentrated formula: ONE quart makes 16 gallons of solution

Available in quart, gallon and 5-gallon sizes.

Mix 4 Tbsp (2 oz) per gallon of water and use as a foliar spray or apply directly to the soil around the base of plants. Apply every 2 weeks for best results.

Note: If applying as a foliar spray, apply to leaves early in the morning or after 4:00 PM to prevent burn.

Ingredients: Fish meal, fish bone meal, soft rock phosphate, mined potassium sulfate, kelp meal, seaweed extract and earthworm castings.

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredient:
5% Humic Acid (derived from leonardite & seaweed extract)
2% Aloe Vera Concentrate
1% Yucca Schidigera Extract
7% Prebiotic Microbial Food