NeoSol DS (520W)

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Maximum light utilization at 50% less power! The NeoSol DS Horticulture LED Grow Light lets you swap out HID fixtures and save big on energy costs plus heat mitigation. One fixture completely covers 4×4 or 5×5 beds with great results. Built to give you an ROI in less than a year and then keep shining for 9 more! 5-year warranty.

Unique Features:
• Uses half the electricity of HPS lights without the need for cooling ductwork
• Provides 25% more delivered light
• 15% more growth, 10% higher yields
• No hotspots, no scorching
• On-board dimming down to 10% — no more messing with fixture heights!
• Fitted with 96 Illumitex Surexi F3 LED arrays

Fixture weight 37 lbs; 4 ft.L x 2 ft. W

Grower’s Tip: The F3 bulbs are best for both vegetative and flowering growth, plus cloning.

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