Metal Halide


Venture® high output Metal Halide grow bulbs (aka MH lamps) produce light by arcing electricity through a mixture of gases. The white-blue spectrum (4000K) encourages vegetative plant growth and “bushiness” while discouraging upward growth. Designed for horticultural use with magnetic and electronic ballasts.

• Quality lighting at a budget price!
• High output from a compact source
• Saves money — up to 20,000 hour life!
• Lower energy costs — up to 115 lumens per watt!
• Warranty: 1-year

250 Watt – 21,000 initial lumens
400 Watt – 36,000 initial lumens
1000 Watt – 110,000 initial lumens

Product Data Sheet, 1000W (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
Install firmly but not forcibly into the socket to minimize loosening due to vibration. Do not use excessive force as the glass may break. Operating position: Horizontal +/- 45 degrees.

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