Demand the very best! CF Group Max Fans deliver smooth, straight airflow with quiet operation. Extremely energy efficient, they can save you lots of money every year in electrical bills. Includes an 8 ft. power cord and 5-year warranty.

6-inch, 334 CFM
8-inch, 675 CFM
10-inch, 1019 CFM
12-inch, 1708 CFM
14-inch, 1786 CFM
16-inch, 2436 CFM – 240 volt
18-inch, 3665 CFM – 240 volt (no cord)
20-inch, 4688 CFM – 240 volt (no cord)

Grower’s Tip:
Calculate your grow room size (length x width x height) and divide that number by how quickly you would like the air to be exchanged (we suggest 1-3 minutes). This number is the MINIMUM CFM that is required for the room.