Baby Bu’s Blend

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Perfect for organic food gardens! Malibu Potting Soil is a ready to use mix specially formulated with premium, triple washed coco coir, Bu’s Blend Biodynamic Compost (25%), and some of the finest organic fertilizers available. Use indoors or out in containers, pots and raised beds. Does NOT contain sewage sludge or biosolids​.​

• Contains NO GMOs, pathogens, growth hormones or synthetic anything!
• Ideal for seeds, seedlings, transplants and houseplants
• Slow-release nutrients grow stronger, more resilient plants
Demeter-certified ​Biodynamic®, the highest agricultural standard in the world!
• Suitable for organic gardens

Available in 1.5 cubic foot bags.

Directions for use:
Use Baby Bu’s Blend in raised beds, pots, hanging baskets and container gardens. Fill up to one inch below the top edge of the bed or container. Plant and water well. Be sure to put saucers under pots to protect your surfaces. Enjoy!

Coconut coir, compost (dairy cow manure, wood chips, straw, concentrations of yarrow, chamomile, valerian, stinging nettle, dandelion, and oak bark), fir bark, perlite, worm castings, soybean meal, fish meal, fish bone meal, langbeinite, alfalfa meal, crab meal, greensand, neem seed meal, volcanic ash, and kelp meal.