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Ladybugs, or lady beetles (Hippodamia convergens) from Planet Natural are the best known garden predators available. Unlike most beneficial insects, live ladybugs are gathered and prepared (removal of debris) for sale all over the United States. Both the adult and their dark gray and orange marked larvae feed on aphids (40-50 per day) and a wide variety of other soft-bodied pests, mites and insect eggs. Instructions for care and release are provided with each order.

1,500* – Covers up to 750 sq ft
1/2 Pint (4,500*) – Covers up to 2,500 sq ft
Pint (9,000*) – Covers up to 5,000 sq ft
Quart (18,000*) – Covers up to 10,000 sq ft
1/2 Gallon (36,000*) – Covers up to 1/2 acre
Gallon (72,000*) – Covers up to 1 acre

Price includes UPS 2-Day Shipping. Ladybugs are shipped Monday and Tuesday. Orders received after Tuesday 8:00 AM (EST) will ship the following week. Please indicate at Checkout if delayed shipping is desired or give us a call at 1-888-349-0605.

Adult lady beetles are shipped in cotton bags mixed with wood shavings. One half pint (4,500) will treat 2,500 square feet (50′ x 50′) of growing area. To release, simply water your garden and shake the predators out close to pest populations. DO NOT release during the sunny part of the day, but rather wait until evening. With sufficient food available, ladybugs will likely stay in the area. However, it is not uncommon for them to take flight if not enough food is present.

Tip: Ants will protect honeydew producing insects like aphids and should be controlled prior to release.

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Planet Natural guarantees live, timely delivery of our beneficial insects. However, to ensure live delivery, it is important that you receive your order when it arrives. Once your order has shipped, a UPS tracking number will be sent to you via email announcing when your package will be delivered. We will NOT be responsible for “live shipments” left unattended at your doorstep. Please make contingent arrangements to have them picked up by a neighbor or delivered to a work address if you will not be home during the day.

* Numbers are a close approximate — we do not count them!

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