Kind XL 1000

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The largest footprint available! The Kind XL 1000 LED grow light provides the equivalent of 1000w using only 630w of power — and still covering a 5′ x 5′ area.

• Advanced design functions uses roughly half the electricity of high pressure sodium systems
• Customizable spectrum for different plant growth phases
• Programmable light cycles remove the need for external timers
• Mix of 3 watt and 5 watt diodes provides the perfect light intensity
• Controlled using a single remote
• Compare to 1000w; actual wattage is 630
• 320 diodes

Size: 26″ x 20″ x 3.5″
Weight: 36 lbs.
Footprint: 5′ x 5′
Input Voltage: 100-240V AC Power Input
Output Voltage: UL Standard Output Voltage – Less than 76V DC

Setup & Operation (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
A multiple stage lighting system mimics the sun’s natural light throughout the day. There is a lower intensity when it turns on, mimicking morning light, then gradually builds to more intense light that tapers off at the end of day.

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